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Why Travel with Shine Bright Tours?


We make the travel planning process convenient…ultimately saving time and stress, while providing cost savings by establishing relationships with local service providers to curate unforgettably exciting packages - including transportation departing from the Greater Cincinnati area, accommodations, meals, and exciting attractions.

Our tours provide a detailed itinerary, ensuring our Guests make the most of their time at each destination, maximizing the value of each tour, and allowing them to relax and focus on enjoying the experience rather than dealing with the intricacies and challenges of travel coordination.  As an added benefit, because we are traveling as a group, our tours provide an enhanced level of security and support.

Whether traveling solo or as part of a group, our tours lend themselves to social interactions, fostering a fun sense of fellowship and community among fellow travelers.  Overall, using our tour company will transform a trip into a well-rounded and enriching experience.

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Our Mission

To create unforgettably fun & exciting experiences through our single and multi-day tours, and positively impact the communities we visit along the way.

Our Core Values

Are centered around faith, fun, warm hospitality, and the crafting of lasting memories that linger long after the adventure ends.

Your Tour Manager and Fun Facilitator, Danette Meyer, has over 25 years of experience  and passion in organizing events, logistics and travel, while providing warm hospitality and always looking for opportunities to incorporate fun along the way. 


As a Christian, wife of a firefighter/paramedic, mother of an Army soldier, future engineer, and two dogs, she knows how important your time, investment and trust are when selecting your tour company.  She will never take that for granted!

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